We Need You!

We're fortunate to have a strong culture of volunteering in our chapter. More than 60 members assisted in 2018 -- serving on our board, planning events, coordinating our leagues...and everything in between. We thank all who've already stepped up to help in 2019, but we still have open opportunities. And we need you!  

Volunteering is good mix of work and fun, and a great way to build relationships and help shape the experience we all enjoy as LPGA Amateurs here in Portland.
Please consider these Volunteer Opportunities.

2018: Our Year in Photos

From the Golf Show to our annual season Kickoff, golf lessons, leagues, weekend events and tournaments – this is the past year in photos. If you are unable to play the video, please click here to watch on Vimeo: 2018 Photos

Survey Says...

Many thanks to all of you who responded to our annual Member Survey. Chapter leaders are already hard at work using your feedback, ideas and suggestions to inform planning for an exciting 2019 schedule of golf and fun! 

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Check out our Blogs as a way to keep up with the LPGA Amateur Golf Association-Portland, look back on something you read in the newsletter or let others know about an event or something you find interesting. How about a great place you've found to buy women's golf clothing? Did you just get back from a fantastic vacation? What's your favorite restaurant in the Portland area and beyond? Share with your LPGA Amateur friends!

The Blog section is easy to find on the tab that runs across the top of the homepage, under the banner. The Blogs have their own tab and also can be found under Resources.
It's also simple to write your own Blog and post it for all to see:
1) Click on the Blogs tab on this website homepage.
2) Click on the Create a New Blog Post button. You will only see this button if you a logged in as a National member.
It’s pretty self-explanatory from there. Feel free to include photos or gifs.
Go ahead and make it public, but allow comments from Members Only.
Either publish or save for later.
Now, if you save for later, it’s a little complicated to find your draft when you want to work on it again:
1) Go to your profile photo at the top of the homepage.
2) Click on Communities. 

3) Click on My Contributions.
4) Click on Summary. 
5) Click on Blogs.
It will show unpublished (where your drafts will be saved, anything you were working on). 

Have some fun posting what's on your mind and getting comments! After all, we are all one big golf-loving community.

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Log in using your National email and password.
2. Customize your profile and preferences and privacy settings. You must reset your password for the new Member Clubhouse. Use the temporary password Password1 and then create a new password using the screen prompts.
3. Adjust your discussion group subscriptions.
4. Start a conversation -- post a message in one of the Discussions.
5. Start networking -- go to the Directory and Find a Member to connect with.


100,000 connected – 12,000 strong

As the world's largest amateur women's golf association, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association (formerly EWGA) has about 12,000 members, with chapters in nearly every major U.S. market, as well as in Bermuda, Canada and Italy. Since 1991, the tax-exempt organization has won awards and helped change the golf industry, but most importantly, has connected with more than 100,000 women who love golf, making friends and forging business relationships. For more info about the LPGA Amateur Golf Association, visit the national website.

The Portland Chapter

The Portland Chapter of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association was founded in 1994 and has more than 150 members of all ages, golf skills and walks of life. In addition to weekly leagues, weekend events and competition, our Chapter offers golf clinics, social events and networking opportunities. 


Volunteer, develop new skills and have fun!

Like any all-volunteer organization, we are always looking for members to share their expertise and ideas. But it's not just about helping the LPGA Amateur Golf Association-Portland – our volunteers benefit, too. Read this blog by Nanci Tangeman to learn how volunteering can expand your skills and build relationships.

Ready to jump in? Contact memberservices@lpgaamateursportland.com.